Plop is not intended to self-diagnose, self-treat, self-alleviate or to exclusively compensate for any disease or disability.

Plop is based entirely on the data entered by the user, and the medical-related content provided is for reference only. The team retrieved and integrated medical data published on the Internet, including basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, but there is no guarantee that the data is accurate to each individual. Even if a medical statement is accurate, it may not be suitable for you or your symptoms. The information compiled by the Plop team is, at best, a general summary. It cannot replace the advice from a licensed physician. If in doubt, please consult a medical professional for further examination.

The Plop application development team will not be held responsible for direct or indirect consequences, results or damage of the use of said information for other than general reference. At the same time, Plop does not require login to use, your data records are not at risk of being collected or sold. Use this App at your own risk.

Reference source statement:

Plop is a self-tracking tool. It integrates the digestive system information from major medical websites published on the Internet, and uses comparison and classification techniques to compare and analyze data input from users. The contents of this app is a collection, and integration, of network materials.

* Stool frequency:

Based on information published by medical resources widely available on the Internet, what is considered a normal and ideal stool frequency is a range from three times a day to every other day. Plop uses this as the basis for the past seven days based on the data entered by the user. The conclusions are for reference only. For detailed stool frequency, please refer to the following websites:

* Stool shape:

The classification and analysis of stool shape are based on the official Bristol stool chart, and the conclusions drawn are for reference only. For detailed stool classification, please refer to Bristol stool chart.

* Symptom descriptions:

Plop refers to the symptoms of the digestive system published on the Internet, and gives concise and neutral instructions for each symptom. The purpose is to remind users to continuously record their observations. When users enter symptoms that match those of serious problems, the user is automatically recommended to consult professional medical care. The reference materials are from as follows:

* Recommended actions:

Plop provides recommendations using the data entered by the user, with all recommendations coming from medical websites widely available on the Internet. The content is for reference only. Please consult a professional physician for professional advice.